Grants Alert

Our number one goal at GrantsAlert.com is to make life a little easier for those who devote their time to searching for education grants and identifying new funding opportunities for their organizations, schools, districts, consortia and state education agencies.  They provide a searchable database and you can sign up for email updates.  

Conservation Maven

The Conservation Funding board profiles government and foundation grants for restoration, land preservation, stewardship, environmental education, research, fellowshsips, volunteers, outreach, clean-up, training, and more. They also list funding opportunites for work related to birds, fish, forests, oceans, watersheds, wildlife, & wetlands.  The site offers searches by state and issue.  

The California Regional Environmental Education Community (CREEC) Network

The CREEC Network has developed two summaries of funding: general funding and grants and specific EE funding opportunities. A few of the funding sources listed are limited to California applicants.

EE Link

Environmental Education on the internet (EE Link), an effort by the North American Association for Environmental Educators, has a formidable site on funding sources. They present information on how to develop funding for environmental education and on education-related grants that could be used for environmental education. Links to and brief summaries of funding sources are provided. Of special note, the site has a search feature devoted to grants.

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