Outdoor Recreation Activities

butterflyAcoma Ancestral Land Corps & Hiking Club

We often overlook the treasures in our own backyard. That’s how Aaron Lowden, a Student Conservation Association/Ameri Corps intern with the National Park Service Rivers, Trails, Conservation and Assistance Program (RTCA) felt about his ancestral lands. Through several federal, state, and local partnerships, he sought to better connect Acoma youth with their own Pueblo lands and El Malpais National Monument and National Conservation Area by creating the Acoma Ancestral Land Corps and Hiking Club. Youth participants in these place-based education programs gained a greater appreciation for their cultural heritage and hands-on experience in conservation work. Learn more about the exciting discoveries they made along the way.

butterflyBackyard Bound - Teen Youth Summit

Looking for a youth-led and initiated project that creates a lasting impact? Look no further!  Backyard Bound – Teen Youth Summit held at Golden Gate National Recreation Area is an example of just that. This amazing summit was the vision of youth involved in the Inspiring Young Emerging Leaders (I-YEL) program.  The Crissy Field Center,—a partnership of the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, National Park Service and Presidio Trust—has encouraged new generations to become bold leaders for thriving parks and healthier communities through its I-YEL program. This intense youth initiated and led internship brings together a diverse group of San Francisco high school students who are dedicated to creating positive environmental and social change. They create a project as part of their internship and the Backyard Bound – Teen Youth Summit is an inspiration for all. Learn more about this successful and inspirational project!

butterflyCamping 101 with the Clark County School District

Author: Karin Lin

Camping can be an amazing way to experience the natural beauty of public lands just outside of your community.  It offers unique opportunities to relax and explore places from a whole different perspective. Camping can improve awareness of the great outdoors and also has a way of creating unique bonds among friends and with adults.  But for many, they are never exposed to camping, don’t know how to safely camp, and never get that first experience that offers a whole new understanding of the lands around them.  Through a unique partnership that brought together positive role models, lessons, and fun- the students of Clark County schools are ready to explore the great outdoors. How was it done? Click here to find out!

butterflyTrips for Kids - Mountain Biking in Saguaro National Park

There are some pretty amazing teachable moments after school – especially when you combine mountain biking and the unique natural features of the Sonoran Desert. That’s what youth find when they sign up for a Trips For Kids of Southern Arizona (TFK) ride series to Saguaro National Park in Tucson, Arizona. TFK targets underserved and at-risk youth ages 10 to 18 years old to teach the skills of mountain biking and opens their eyes to a whole new world of opportunities and experiences. Check out the details here!

butterflyMathews Kids Kayak and Conservation Camp

Author: Laura Kellam

In one of the least populated and second smallest counties in the state of Virginia, Mathews County, 19 local youth were given the opportunity to experience the world that surrounds them in an atypical way. The county has 210 miles of waterways which many of the local youth are never given the opportunity to fully experience. Kayak Camp provided the youth with a chance to get out of the house and learn about the area’s natural resources and maritime heritage in an interactive way. This weeklong camp allowed each group of kids to spend half the day in the water learning and improving their kayak skills, while the other half of the day concentrated on different land based environmental education topics. Learn how to make educational sessions on natural resources and maritime heritage fun.

butterflyMathews Maritime Heritage Trail - Kids Kayak Camp

Do you remember the first time you went away from home and experienced the outdoors?  Did it spark something inside of you that made you yearn to get back outside?  Some kids never get that first spark. The Mathews Maritime Heritage Trail - Kids Kayak Camps, now in its second year, is an exciting new initiative that combines interactive educational sessions on natural resources and maritime heritage, with kayak instructions and boating safety, while promoting healthy outdoor recreation. This unique multi-disciplinary, multi-partner program builds knowledge, skills, and stewardship values of community resources and landscapes, while addressing the health risk factors of inactivity, confronting today’s youth.  Learn how to make educational sessions on natural resources and maritime heritage fun.